Africa is heading for a miracle and you can be part of it

East Africa has huge potential for development. It is predicted that it will become a global energy supplier by 2025. However, it is also in real need of investment into crucial infrastructure. Meet the investors, energy & infrastructure developers and associations aiming for Africa's development at the Project Finance for Energy and Infrastructure East Africa Conference, taking place on 21 – 22 April 2015 in the former capital of Tanzania – Dar es Salaam.

The conference will focus on East Africa cross-regional development with special attention paid to specific projects in Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda. Based on observations from the previous five years, Mozambique and Tanzania are paving the way in gas and oil supplies. Kenya's government is planning to increase the country's solar energy generation of 1,664 MW to 5,000 MW. Recently discovered reserves of crude oil in Uganda alone are estimated at 6.5 bn barrels, which will be exported through routes which as of yet do not exist. Specific projects which will be thoroughly discussed at the conference include, for example, the Mnazi Bay to Dar es Salaam gas pipeline project, the Mozambican coal export railway, the Kenyan Kampala Jinja Expressway PPP and electricity sector development projects in Uganda.

Both investors and developers will gather to discuss potential partnerships along with representatives from associations and advisory bodies such as Jenik Radon, Adjunct Professor & Advisor to the governments of Mozambique, Uganda and Tanzania from Columbia University – SIPA, USA, and Martijn Veen, Tanzanian Sector Leader. Renewable Energy at SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. Other key speakers include Rhoda Mshana, Senior Investment Officer, Infrastructure Finance in the African Development Bank in Kenya; James Mworia, CEO in Centrum Investment Company Ltd, Kenya; David Ross, Managing Director in Statera Capital Limited, Tanzania; and Felchesmi Mramba, Managing Director in TANESCO, Tanzania.

The event is a win-win opportunity for project finance parties both from energy and infrastructure points of view. There will be numerous presentations, focused spotlight sessions and panel discussions full of potential for networking and ideas development.