​Do you know what Mesentery is?

Sounds like a mental illness, but it's not. You will find the answer at the end of this article :)

The beginning of the year might be tiring and gloomy, but our thirst for knowledge/entertainment never sleeps :). Rounding up the four seasons, Fleming. once again took part in the quarterly iKid quiz, taking place at the cozy Foxford cafe.

You might not know the main rules of attending a quiz (as mentioned by our host, Kenny Ryan):

  • No phone & no Googling
  • No arguing
  • You're not here to prove you're a genius
  • ...and some of our own such as:

  • Frantically changing the answer at the last second is usually a fatal mistake (also applies to changing the queue in the supermarket)
  • There is always one “skeptic” in every team who will over-analyze and make the remaining three doubt their - seemingly clear - answer. Never listen to him!
  • A glass of wine wakes up your sleeping brain cells, or at least makes you believe that
  • Free sandwiches with egg spread are the most in-demand commodity, so be on time!
  • Fleming. was represented by two strong teams of ladies from coordination, production and marketing, who joined forces and gave their best to master the mind-bending questions about geography, politics, culture and sports.

    And whether it was due to a bad constellation of stars or the missing male element, this time we didn't take the trophy home. What we certainly did win was the competition for the loudest and emotionally unstable table (honorable mention goes to Zuzka Mracnova), as well as the main raffle prize - a signed (by his sweat and tears) jersey by the world's number one cyclist, Peter Sagan, which was won by our coordinator Tatiana. Congrats!

    And to share with you some of the most perplexing questions:

  • How many letters does the Hawaiian alphabet have?
  • Name the vehicle that is spelled exactly the same forwards and backwards. (no, a kayak is not a vehicle)
  • What's the name of a new organ recently found in the human body?
  • ....

    The correct answers are 13, Racecar and the above-mentioned Mesentery. We were as surprised as you are right now.