Fleming. back at school.

Once upon a time, there were three good fairies and one mighty wizard. No, this is not a story about sleeping beauty – this is a story of how Fleming. came back to school. In fact, it is about us three marketers who were equipped with special superpowers such as creativity, wisdom and experience, and one designer who didn't need a magic wand, but a pencil and a piece of paper instead.

Fleming., as a supporting partner of iKid (Innovative Kid) – a competitive global project supporting the new generation of young entrepreneurs – accepted the offer to help the children in the iKid project. We were given the task of assisting individual teams to create the perfect logo, tagline and channel for selling their unique products.

At the beginning, we were perhaps more afraid of them than they were of us :) However, as we got to know each other, our cooperation improved. The teams came up with their own ideas for the logo – we only guided them on how to look at it from various angles to make it perfect. Also, we weren't the only ones doing the inspiring; the children managed to give us some new ideas for our marketing campaigns as well, and as we got too excited, we spent twice as much time as we should have :)

After we wrapped it up, we had to say goodbye. However, we are already looking forward to seeing some of those kid's smart products being brought into real life.