Fleming. has been awarded again with prestigious Business Superbrands Award 2017

The Superbrands Brand Council has awarded Fleming. yet again with the prestigious Business Superbrands Award 2017. Representing a model of successful development and continuous improvement of brand value, Fleming. has been designated among an elite group of brands. The Superbrands Award represents a confirmation of our quality and encouragement for consumers in their daily decisions.

The Superbrands Award is judged and awarded by the most recognized experts in the field of marketing, branding and PR communication – the Brand Business Council. Their decision is based on information provided by the renowned company BISNODE.

What exactly is the International Superbrands program?

This program was established over twenty years ago in the UK when marketing professionals set two main objectives – to bring extremely strong brands into the spotlight and to present them to participants who would like to develop and learn from these brands. Since then, the program has gained global recognition and become acknowledged as a special award in 90 countries on five continents. As the Brand Business Council plays the key role at the awards ceremony, its members must comprise only prominent, highly respected experts.

At Fleming., we highly appreciate this prestigious prize and will do our best to continue in representing the good name of our brand. Our goal remains to keep up its great reputation to make our customers associate it with our exceptional values.