Fleming. lives healthy – and one of Healthy Companies of the Year

Healthy lifestyles are not easy to maintain these days, but they are still extremely crucial.

We at Fleming. are aware of this and so we strive to provide as healthy a working environment as possible – and it shows. Today we are proud to announce that Fleming. has been ranked as 6th in the Healthy Company of 2016 Awards in the Production Companies category. We plan to continue walking on the path to improving healthiness both globally and in Slovakia and hope we will do even better next year.

The Healthy Company of the Year Awards is a part of the Healthier Slovakia Initiative and is organized by Union Health Insurance as an answer to a study conducted by WHO in 2009 outlining 24 risk factors that influence human health. Its aim is to increase the average human lifespan by five years by 2020 by raising awareness and encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.