Fleming.'s charitable work with Plamienok.

Fleming. has decided to organise an internal donation for Plamienok – a Slovak non-profit organisation helping children with life-limiting diseases and their families at home, in hospice or a palliative home care programme. Everybody from our Bratislava office brought some of their old jewellery and books to work, so people could buy those they liked in exchange for donating a certain sum of money.

We were also curious about what the work of Plamienok entailed and what more we could do to help, so we visited them personally on the 13th of December 2016 in their office and gained more information about this extraordinary organisation.

What did we find out?

Plamienok has experience with the treatment and care of terminally ill children. They offer these children a chance to spend their time at home, surrounded by their loved ones. They offer psychological support such as individual and family-based counseling, therapeutic groups and weekend therapeutic meetings to those who have lost their loved ones. Plamienok also organises educational programmes for students and professionals.

As Plamienok is a non-profit organisation, their work relies on donations. Therefore, every bit of help is needed and can provide an increase in the quality of their services.

How can you help?


You can donate either by direct donation http://www.plamienok.com/donate-now.php or through allocation of 2% of your income tax.

Spread the word on social media:

Buy a book:

You can buy a book http://eshop.plamienok.sk/en/our-books

Plamienok uses all donations for the benefit of children and their families and they gladly provide detailed information about the funds' use.

On behalf of all the children and their families, thank you!