Fleming.’s Rich Performance Meeting

Who would organize an event for event organizers if not us? So we did what we know best and prepared the 1st Rich Performance Meeting in Bratislava. This 1-day internal event took place on the 28th of February and we didn't go far from the office – just a few floors down using the elevator of Polus Tower I. By this, I hope we have established a new Fleming. tradition for the future.

Our chairman for the day was Rajat Gehlot, Senior Business Development Manager, who always made sure the discussion was heading in the right direction. As for the speaker panel, we also chose the "creme de la crème" and heard sessions from the best: Puja Pankhania, Peter Grof, Michal Krajci, Michaela Shabhazi, Victoria Lambert and Shameema Parveen were joined by Darius Slavik and Martin Valovsky for panel discussions. The main focus of the event was not only how to produce profitable events but also to try to find out how to move our company forward and what the management has in store for the future.

We started with an interesting panel discussion where we debated how to produce TIER I products and what are the key areas to be improved. After this fresh start, we listened to a motivational speech led by Puja Pankhania, during which Darius Slavik recalled the most rewarding moment from his very first event organized. Right before lunch, we split into groups and, guided by Peter Grof, we tried to come up with interesting solutions to boost our events and processes to a higher level.

After lunch and a fast check of our emails, we started a lively discussion with Martin Valovsky, Puja Pankhania and Darius Slavik about HR and employee education. Together with the audience, we opened some pretty intense questions and debated which issues we should solve step by step in the future.

And last but not least, we concluded with a session which connected speakers from three different offices: Michal Krajci from the Bangalore office, Victoria Lambert from the Chicago office and Shameema Parveen from the Dubai office. Together with Michaela Shabhazi, we discussed what other offices do better and exchanged some useful tips.

Wrapping up the whole day, Matej Opet, one of the main organizers, summarized the outcomes from each speaker and an action plan for future implementation.

I believe the quote below, which is actually also placed outside one of our Bratislava meeting rooms, expresses the idea of the whole meeting perfectly.

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being is not enough; we must do."

Leonardo da Vinci

I'd like to thank the whole organizing team, which consisted of Matej Opet, Zuzana Tothova, Stanislava Nichtova, Barbora Karasova and of course our chairman Rajat Gehlot – the whole meeting went off without a hitch. Special thanks belong to our honorable speakers and panelists, who took their time and prepared interesting sessions and contributed to productive discussions.

Can't wait for the second one!