New space, new ideas – A little change can work wonders

Fleming.’s office is far more than just a roof over employees’ heads. Our company headquarters in Bratislava communicates the corporate personality and priorities to employees and clients. We believe that the office we’ve chosen will have positive and long-lasting effects on success of our business.

There exists a strong connection between employees’ satisfaction with the work environment and their level of engagement. It is like building bridges between people and places, senses and spaces.

In December 2015, the Bratislava office moved into Polus Tower – an ideal place where business meets leisure. Located near a popular relaxation zone with a large lake and connected with a shopping mall, the administrative building represents a balanced space for business.

This harmony between work and personal life increases employee satisfaction and productivity. Thanks to the proximity of shopping, sports and entertainment facilities, a fulfilling way to spend our leisure time begins right past our office doors.

The office should be a place where you want to work. Sometimes little changes

can work wonders.”