One more step for Fleming. to become the Smartest Tablequiz team

On the 28th of June, Fleming. joined another Quiz Night organized by iKid (Innovative Kid), this time for the summer edition.

The evening was again hosted by moderator Kenneth Ryan from KPMG with his lovely Irish accent. We all wanted to win the beautiful glass trophy for the Smartest Tablequiz. Just to make us all a bit jealous, he let every team have it on their table for a minute. And this isn't just a regular trophy you put in your living room next to the television so your relatives and friends can see it. It will be seen by the whole company, including the ones you want to impress the most – your bosses.

We all knew we should be having fun and not take it too seriously, but honestly, who doesn't want to win? This time, Ken's answers were not necessarily the only right answers, and in case of a dispute, we had a referee to check it with the mighty source of information, Google :) He also said some nice words about our previous article Who? Donald Duck? Or Donald Trump? or How Fleming. Took the Quiz

Fleming. was again represented by two super-smart teams – one consisting of two men and two women and the other one represented purely by ladies. Although they were desperately trying to get one of the men on their team (to help out with the technical & sports questions), they didn't succeed, which in the end didn't hurt us at all :)

The ladies came up with a great strategy how to mess with the “enemy” – when Ken asked the question: “How many times was Nelson Mandela married?” They shouted: “4!” and the next table immediately wrote down the wrong answer :) We were surprised by the answer to: “From which country is Duck TV broadcast? First of all, what is Duck TV? And second: Slovakia?? Seriously? We also got some summer tunes in our heads when we had to write down the first two opening lines from the title song of the movie Grease. You could hear everyone in the room humming the famous melody:

“Summer loving had me a blast, oh yeah

Summer loving happened so fast,”

Do you have this song in your head now? You are welcome – and so do I :)

The summer vibe of the quiz was definitely present, in part due to the question: “What are the three main ingredients in a Pina Colada”? Hmm, we wouldn't have minded sitting on the beach right then, sipping on that yummy cocktail.

And the results? In the end, our female team achieved a great 2nd place, only two points behind the winners, and the other team – came in 4th.

All you iKids partners, be prepared for the next one – Fleming. is coming for that trophy!

We are getting there….