Spotlight on the future path of shared services

Many international companies are opting for shared services as a way of effective business management. A thorough discussion of the shared services business model and its further development is thus inevitable. The 6th Annual Shared Services Forum was organized with the clear intention to share different perspectives of high-ranking professionals. With information-hungry, communicative delegates from 50 companies onboard, the organizer of the event Fleming. is sure the forum far surpassed the standard of a well-arranged event and fulfilled the expectations of all involved parties.

The most interesting topics dealt with the future evolution of the business. Delegates did not spare words of praise about Finlay Sawers' presentation Expanding scope of services provided in SSC. It was a very professionally presented, insightful speech which was hugely appreciated by the audience. The Forum Chairman, Manolis Fafalios from Greek Coca-Cola Hellenic, could only with difficulties stop the flow of interesting questions. During the conference, he expressed his positive personal attachment to the topic and the event itself: “This is my second year as chairman and I enjoy it very much.” This is why he prepared a special session on CRM in which he likened the excellent customer service to that of a Ferrari pit crew. Other customer-centric presentations by the Argentinean DHL SSC Head and the EMEA PASS People Administration SS Director also included metaphorical visual materials, which directly demonstrated how to satisfy the needs of the current market – offer innovative solutions presented in an excellent package within the relevant time and cost framework.

Along with a fair amount of benchmarking presentations, one of the added values of the conference was the sharing of practical solutions from Raiffeisen Bank, Acelity, Carlsberg, Schneider Electric, DTZ and an extremely cogent case study of Csaba Szende from Vodafone about the path to Next-generation services. The special features of the events included networking opportunities enhanced by two roundtable discussions and a site visit to either the Finance or HR operations of SAP Business Services Centre Europe.

Benefits of attending the conference varied according to the expectations of the delegates and their needs. The President of IAFEI expressed his wish to supply the members of the association with high-quality events. According to him, Fleming Europe does not allow speakers to turn a presentation into a sales pitch. “It's not a commercial; it's mainly about experience sharing and content - even the sponsors bring relevant content, which is something I have to congratulate you on. This just gives people exactly what they are looking for at the conferences.” Delegates left with a good feeling of an effectively spent two days in the lovely atmosphere of Prague Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel. Pampered and welcomed – these adjectives described the feeling the delegates got from the better-than-usual attitude of the staff and hotel facilities. Thanks to the delegates’ longing for interaction and knowledge exchange – and their relaxed nature, the 6th Annual Shared Services Forum turned out to be an excellent event which brought some amazing ideas and loads of inspiration for the participants as well as the organizers.