The iKid finals: Fleming. was there

With more than 180 people in the audience, the fourth annual finals of the successful project iKid, supported in part by Fleming., took place on the 19th of May at Design Factory, Bratislava. Only the 13 most innovative teams, consisting of 4 – 6 children ages 10 to 14, advanced to the finals. Eva Baskova, Group Marketing Director at Fleming., was one of those making the pick.

Today it was up to four judges – Michaela Jacová from Neulogy Ventures, Lucia Šicková from Pixel Federation, Martin Smith from Eset and Tomáš Rosputinský from This is Locco, Staffino – to make that hard decision and pick only the best one – the “crème de la crème” as moderator Roman Jurasko mentioned a couple:

All 13 teams had different products and unique presentations. There were smart gadgets such as a multifunctional pencil case, an application to help allergic people or a first aid stick. Many children were thinking about our future and brought a few ecological ideas such as a solar bench, a phone charger and others. All of these projects and bright new ideas charged us with an amazing energy and brought fresh inspiration to our work and daily lives.

There were four prizes given out. The prize for third place, a foosball table, was given to the Smart Bike team from M.R.Stefánika Elementary school, Ivánka pri Dunaji. The Coat Hanger team – a really cool team which presented in rhymes, from R. Dilonga Elementary school, Trstená, ended in second place and won an air hockey table. The winning team was the Washdog team from Park Angelinum Elementary School, Kosice, with the idea of a washing system for dog owners for washing their dogs' legs without wasting a lot of water and time :)

The first-place prize (also awarded to the winning team from the Czech Republic) was a trip to Dublin, where the children will have the opportunity to visit companies such as Google and Facebook. This prize was presented by Anne-Marie Callan, Irish Ambassador in Slovakia, and Kenneth Ryan from KPMG – the father of the iKid project. Finally, the fourth prize was the KPMG prize – 250 euros for the Smart Bike team from M.R.Stefánika Elementary school, Ivánka pri Dunaji.

The winning team had one more obligation – to present its product during an opening speech at a Forbes conference on innovations in business that took place after the iKid finals.

We at Fleming. aretruly glad that we can support this great projectand see our future generation full of creative and innovative ideas. We would also like to congratulate the winning team, as they really were the best and deserved the prize.