The Need For Better Disaster Preparedness In The Middle East

Fleming.'s 4th Annual Business Continuity & Emergency Response Forum comes back to Abu Dhabi from 11th to 13thFebruary 2014; creating an overall awareness on Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Emergency Responses and Disaster Management. Business continuity has gained significant interest as organizations are increasingly prioritizing the need for data protection, as well as long term practicality, commitment to good corporate governance and compliance towards overseas regulations.

Speakers from the 3rd annual summit expressed their appreciation for the BCM series and Mr. Greg Moser from Khalifa University, Director Of Continuing Education- Institute for International & Civil Security said, "The summit hosted an excellent line of speakers and conveyed valuable information. Also, its a great event for regional BCM professionals to overcome the issues and gain knowledge in the respective domain". Another speaker, Mr. Abdulrahman Al Naser, Senior Specialist Telecom Emergency & Audit Technology Development Affairs. TRA quoted 'Good chance to learn, Plan the work - Work the plan'

This year's summit will be hosted by the top industry pioneers and innovative solution providers from various critical industrial & commercial sectors such as Oil and Gas, Finance, Telecom and many others in the region; will address the topics such as the new standard for Business Continuity by NCEMA, Cybre resilience, senior management's involvement in business continuity standards and many more will be imparted to the participants. The 2014 program themed, “Evolving Continuity: Implementing the Plan“, will act as a platform for regional stakeholders to discuss about implementing business continuity & crisis management strategies keeping in mind the uniqueness of the region and drive home the importance in planning for the unforeseen.

EISENBURG, Crisis Management Partner for the summit is a highly specialized firm in security risk assessments and evacuation planning. Eisenburg aims to help organizations manage their security with maximum efficiency and minimal friction losses. To achieve this, they have developed a sophisticated software tool based on their experiences as chief security officers and executive risk consultants in high and extreme risk environments.