Who? Donald Duck? Or Donald Trump? or How Fleming. Took the Quiz

On the 7th of April Fleming. took a part in a Quiz Night organized by iKid (Innovative Kid), which is a competitive global project to support a new generation of young entrepreneurs. Project iKid focuses on the implementation of entrepreneurship skills into education to support primary schools in the development of creativity and innovation.

The evening was accompanied by moderator Kenneth Ryan from KPMG. There were 13 enthusiastic teams composed of four people. The prize for the winner was a beautiful glass trophy which said The Smartest Tablequiz. We all wanted to win it and take it back to our office.

At the beginning, Ken asked everybody to enjoy the evening, have fun and not to take it too seriously. "And please don't shout at me" he claimed, smiling, "you all know that my answers will be the correct ones :)"

The quiz consisted of 50 questions and some of them weren't that easy to answer. Fleming. was represented by two brave teams – one consisting of producers and the other one of marketers. As we work every day as a team at Fleming., we didn't get too competitive. On the contrary, we helped each other.

We were maybe not the smartest table, but at least we were the noisiest one. The marketing team definitely knew the answer to the question Which Slovak model is the Guinness record holder for the longest legs? Well, everybody knows it's Adriana Sklenarikova, whose name Ken couldn't even pronounce :)

Sometimes we failed to hear the question properly, so instead of guessing the answer, we were trying to figure out the question itself – Who was the girlfriend of ...? Who? Donald Duck? Or Donald Trump?

A few questions in, we realized we would need to add more Fleming. members to our teams. We considered calling to our CFO, who is crazy about sci-fi, when the question Based on whom was Yoda created? came up. However, after little brainstorming, we correctly guessed Albert Einstein.

Do you know the name of the first novel by Ian Fleming? You surely know; you are Fleming. ;) It is Casino Royal!

In the end, our production team achieved a beautiful 3rd place and marketing – losing by only one point to production – came in 4th.

Congratulations, guys! In the next one, we will be even better :D