Malaika Program

Our colleagues support children in Kenya with as little as 20 euro monthly, and thereby help them to go to school. Their support will change a life. Any gift, no matter how big or small, can change a life or maybe even save a life.

Our CEO, Martin Valovsky, is the first proud “parent” from Fleming. who started sponsoring Kingston, a small boy from Kibera slum in Kenya. With Martin’s help, Kingston will be able to go to school and get an opportunity for a better future.

Why is child sponsorship program important?…Because it can change the whole life of a child. It is a direct way to improve the lives of children in endangered, poor African communities. This program helps those children, who otherwise would not have hope for quality life and it provides them with a roof, food, clothes, education and social and medical care. Your sponsorship will not only improve the life of the children themselves, but the whole community in which they grow up.

…Because it gives the African children hope for survival. Often, the orphans and abandoned children in Africa do not have the chance to live up to their adulthood. The abandoned girls are often misused by elder men. When these girls get prematurely pregnant, they throw them out on the street, where these girls have to make a living as prostitutes. The boys often look for food in city dumps or survive through small theft. These children sleep on the street and many of them fall ill. Since no adult is taking care of them, they do not have access to any social or medical care and they die. In Africa, every year more than 5 million children lose their lives this way.

…Because it gives hope for education and better future. The school is often inaccessible for the African children. Their families cannot afford to send their child to school. Therefore the poverty in Africa is inherited and children cannot come out of the poverty circle. Education is the key to a better future for the African children. Every additional year of education in elementary and secondary school, gives the children a chance to get a job with a 10-20% higher salary.

…Because it gives a hope for a long life. Due to easily avoidable circumstances (eg. unavailable clean source of drinking water or medical care) approximately 12.000 children die in Africa every day. This is the equivalent of a Boeing 747 falling.

Fleming. is working on this project in partnership with Integra Foundation. For more information, please visit or For security reasons, we do not advertise concrete children on our websites, so to protect their privacy. You are the one, who can change the life of a child for better.

To find out more about the program or how to support a child, please contact: Martin Valovsky at