Tapa Project

Transform A Person Africa is a non profit making charitable organization, based in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. By sponsoring a child in TAPA, you can help to care for and educate a child who would otherwise be without school and perhaps headed for a life on the streets without food or job. You can help to provide education and health care for the children, as well as food, books and writing materials, uniforms, for basic medical care and administrative costs.

The project TAPA (Transform a Person Africa) is a kindergarten and primary school, which assists children in need from Kibera slum in Kenya. Kibera is most probably the biggest slum in Africa, where poor families live in small one-room tin shacks without access to drinking water, hygiene or sanitation. Small children often stay alone during the day and play in mud or garbage surrounding their homes, while the parents or guardians try to earn their daily wage with hard labour work.

TAPA is trying to give the poor children a good start in their education through quality lectures and safe and clean environment for studying and playing, as well as healthy food. TAPA is currently helping 100 children from pre-school age to second class. Without TAPA, most of these children would never go to school.

Fleming Europe is working on this project in partnership with Integra Foundation. For more information, please visit www.integra.sk. For security reasons, we do not advertise concrete children on our websites, so to protect their privacy. You are the one, who can change the life of a child for better.

To find out more about the program or how to support a child, please contact: Martin Valovsky at martin.valovsky@fleming.events