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  • Ahmed Oweis
  • Professor of Economics and Finance, Helwan University
  • Financial Consultant at Chalhoub Consultancy, Egypt

Dr. Oweis has been a fellow member at Chalhoub Consultancy since 2013, he joined Chalhoub Consultancy team as a financial consultant and trainer in 2018. Dr. Oweis is a full-time professor of economics and finance in Egypt with more than twenty years of university-level educational experience in both the United States and Egypt. Dr. Oweis holds a Ph.D. in financial economics from Claremont Graduate University (CGU) in California, in which he received the highest GPA in his class. Dr. Oweis’ contribution to the financial economics field at (CGU) was not only limited to jobs such as being a graduate teaching assistant and an instructor for several M.A. and Ph.D. courses over five consecutive years, but also extended to contributions in the management and financial fields at Peter Drucker School of Management where he did research and studies in financial engineering, corporate finance, financial statement analysis, financial derivatives, asset management, fixed income management, stochastic processes, and mathematical finance. Dr. Oweis also holds two Master degrees in economics from CGU and Cairo University, Egypt, and is currently waiting to take his CFA Level III Exam to add a CFA Charter to his educational and professional qualifications.

Over the last ten years, Dr. Oweis developed and delivered a wide variety of educational courses and certified training in various areas of economics and finance in both the Unites States and Egypt. Since 2010, his main focus in education became in the areas of financial analysis, financial markets and securities, and financial institutions. He approaches these areas from an international perspective, with a special emphasis placed on developing countries and EMEs. He developed and delivered to his undergraduate, MBA, and DBA students courses in financial analysis, corporate finance, financial markets, investments and portfolio management, bank management, management of financial institutions, and international finance. He also utilized his strong economic background in teaching courses in economic theory, economic analysis, managerial economics, monetary theory and policy, and econometrics. Dr. Oweis also combined his lecture notes for some of these courses in textbooks in Egypt, including textbooks in International Financial Markets, Financial Markets and Securities, International Finance, Economics of Money and Banking, and Business Cycles and Economic Fluctuations.

Currently, Dr. Oweis is doing intensive research in the areas of microfinance and financial inclusion in developing countries, financial development in Africa, inflation targeting in developing countries and EMEs, and corporate governance in international financial institutions. Moreover, he is currently working on an experimental finance research project in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.