• Karl Kolmetz CPE
  • Principal
  • KLM technology Group, United States

Karl Kolmetz has a degree in Chemical Engineering with over twenty years of progressive experience in the design, construction, commissioning, training, business development, project and operations management of process units. He has a strong background in the manufacturing of a wide variety of chemical process technologies and product categories including; cryogenic liquids, LNG, LPG, NGL, ethylene, propylene, benzene & toluene extractive distillation, styrene reaction and distillation, refining,and steam & power plant operations. Strengths encompass design details that originate from a strong operations background, with the ability to incorporate positive ideas from differing sources. High safety awareness that was developed from commissioning experiences, the positive results of Process Safety Management, HAZOP Facilitation and HAZOP Team Leader Course Instructor. Natural Gas Processing, LNG, LPG and NGL design and commissioning experience with Linde. Written detailed Engineering Design Guidelines on Natural Gas Processing, LNG, LPG and NGL systems. Multiple Project Management roles with internal company and EPC Firms. Over Eighteen years (18) of Refining experience. Over twelve years (12) of commissioning experience. Raytheon Badger Ethyl benzene / Styrene plants in Asia, and KLM Technology Group. Commissioned over 15 grassroots and revamped units. Over Twelve years (12) Ethylene experience: Westlake / Titan Group, Chandra Asri, JG Summit and Indorama Ventures.

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