Crossing the Wellbeing Chasm: Why we need a Health Score

Crossing the Wellbeing Chasm: Why we need a Health Score by dacadoo If the goal of corporate wellbeing programs is to get employees engaged in healthy lifestyle activities, then the ultimate goal has to be to get employees to take full responsibility for their health – to own it. I constantly hear from wellbeing program … Continued

The New Age of Blockchain

It is 2018. PSDA2 has now been realised. Only a few years ago that the concept of ‘open banks’ seemed implausible. How long will it be before we also have public blockchain?

Bancassurance – Big Banc Theory

What can America learn from Europe? The Digital Generation is upon us, and bancassurance, which seemed like a United Kingdom 90s footnote is re-emerging…

The Blockchain Effect

Back last year, Deloitte’s report “Evolution of Blockchain Technology” revealed that there were more than 26,000 new blockchain projects in 2016 alone. Although…

The Most Practical Blockchain Event for Finance

14-15 March 2018 in Amsterdam, is focused on making financial Blockchain a reality. Speakers from top financial institutions include Piotr Piskorsi of Nordea and Rudi Schmandt…

How do we achieve perfect liquidity and balance sheet processes?

Back In 1961 J. Marcus Fleming (no relation to us!) introduced the term Conditional Liquidity. This had the caveat that the actual use of conditional liquidity requires…

Composite materials in Aerospace

Composites are very flexible and are used in many ways: for structural applications, for exterior (wings, turbines, rotor blades, windows and enclosures) as well for interior components…

Love it or Hate it – The Blockchain is Coming

Learn what blockchain will do for banking, how it works, who is the inventor, and if there are any blockchain issues to look out for.

Investing in Learning the Right Way

Professional Learning is something which quality organizations know to invest in. Happy, creative employees also bring their creativity to the work table. But not every course works satisfactorily or moves forward to an overall successful conclusion.

Nigerian Army to support Land Forces West Africa

Security Nigerian Army to Support Land Forces West Africa Scanned by: Fleming. Team