Interview with Doris I. Stenver, MD, MPA

Improving Project Delivery

ENERGY IMPROVING PROJECT DELIVERY Requires Implementing both a Planning and Execution Logic Contributor Website The industry belief is that projects cannot be done faster. They believe the delivery of projects cannot be shortened because of uncertainties and the fact organizations have limited shared resources. We appreciate that reducing cycle times in large complex projects is … Continued

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What is behavioural safety?

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Artificial Intelligence, meet Contract Management

Artificial Intelligence, meet Contract Management. Contributor Website If you own a smartphone, shop online, or chat via messenger with a customer service rep — congratulations, you are a user of artificial intelligence software! Voice recognition and search assistants (like Siri or Alexa) are available on 3.9 billion Apple, Android, and Windows devices being used worldwide. … Continued

Maintenance and Reliability Trends for 2019