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What’s in an experience?

Patient Experience What’s in an experience? Published 2 September 2019 Heed the list below to be satisfied with your experience not only pertains to everyday items such as car insurance, holidays, watches, transport, etc. but also extends to receiving medical treatment and procedures. Contributor John Morris Director JXD Consultants, United Kingdom Linked In We have … Continued

Is patient experience part of the “day job”?

Patient Experience Is patient experience part of the “day job”? Published 2 September 2019 Read the article and learn more about Patient Experience with our key speaker John Morrison. No matter where in the medical facility or business people work, whether in the back office or patient-facing roles, whether it be leading the organization or … Continued

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The Intimate Magic of a Telephone Call

Patient Experience The Intimate Magic of a Telephone Call Published 24 June 2019 In a world where patient experience and relationships have had to adapt to the presence of technology, the simple act of speaking on the phone still holds some kind of power. In this blog, let’s rediscover and talk about the potential of … Continued

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