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110+ tips for your Smart Christmas Design Homeplace from the SWDS team

Prepare your homestead for the holiday atmosphere with super cool tips from our SWDS team.

3 Tunnel Curiosities

Do you know what do the Sochi Olympics Winter games tunnel complexes, Gotthard Base tunnel and Guadarrama Rail tunnel in Spain have in common? Felix Amber, President of the Amberg group, was an inmportant part in all off these projects.

Infographic: Best ways to improve patient experience

Hospital IT market in Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Its main goal is to improve patient satisfaction, establish world-class patient experience, and increase organizational productivity.

‘Psychological & Physiological Factors in Office Design’ Workshop – Through the eyes of visitor Su Butcher

Su Butcher, Social Strategist in Construction and Non-Executive at the UK BIM Alliance, recently attended the workshop and shares her very positive experience from the practical workshop Psychological & Physiological Factors in Office Design in London.

Future with EMIR: Is there a perfect solution?

Read the infographic here.

10 ways to improve patient experience

Take a look at the inforgraphic about “10 ways to improve patient experience”.

Transparent financial world has its costs

It might still be early to have a definitive picture of what the financial world will look like with the transparency of new EMIR implementations, but our experts assess where we are now and where we are going..

Process Automation & Robotics Summit Asia 2017

“Robotic process automation” is used to refer to the use of sophisticated computer software that automates rule-based processes without the need for constant human supervision


Internet and mobile usage in the GCC region is at its peak, but…