Interview with Kathy Keppeln from Deutsche Bank

INTERVIEW WITH Kathy KeppelnHead of Regulatory Strategy & OversightDeutsche Bank AG, Germany Learn more There are a lot of scary sounding letters and numbers coming to banking – GDPR, MiFID2, PSD2 just to name a few. What do you think should be our readers extra careful about and why?The banking industry has seen a long … Continued

Insights on the role of VR and AR 
in transforming corporate learning

Interview 3 insights on the role of VR and AR
 in transforming corporate learning We prepared an interview with the speakers for the upcoming Corporate Learning & Corporate Universities Conference. Here are their thoughts on the future of VR and AR in corporate learning. You can join them in Berlin this summer and gain the … Continued

Interview with Dariusz Zieliński

Interview with Dariusz Zieliński, a Director at Insurance Centre at Altkom Software & Consulting, Poland, who also happens to be a speaker at Bancassurance Forum 2018.

Process Analyzers and Sampling Systems: Interview with Dirk Horst

We recently interviewed Dirk Horst, a professional in Instrumentation & Process Analyzers Systems who previously worked in Shell Global Solutions and has more than 35 years of experience.

The Recipe for Success

An interview with Mr Thibault Paquin, founder and CEO of Celebrating Life and, experienced hospitality, leisure and tourism business development professional.

An interview with Dana Kassissieh, Senior Director, Administrative Affairs & Patient Experience, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

Read the interview with Dana Kassissieh.

An interview with Lulu Hamdan – Amana Healthcare

Read an interview with Lulu Hamdan from Amana Healthcare.

We recently interviewed Tilak Banerjee

Director Global Business Services – Dell EMC and asked a few questions on where to start when you’re considering a RPA strategy? Here’s what he had to say.

Importance of product label in risk management

Read the interview with Debra Feldman, VP, Global Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, to understand the importance of product label in risk management and learn how to face challenges in building the safety sections of product labels.

Dr. Asma Ibrahim Al Mannaei, Director, Healthcare Quality Division | HAAD

Read an interview with Dr. Asma Ibrahim Al Mannaei.