10 types of people you meet at conferences

Written by: Fleming. Team

1. The curious one vs. the shy one

The curious one asks a lot of questions. Prepare your business card, you will need it.

The shy one just needs time and space and maybe some kind of ice breaker. Remember, strangers are valuable contacts that you haven't got to know yet.

2. The newcomer

He comes first, secures his seat, is on time after the coffee break and may look scared at times, but is actually the perfect “sponge”, soaking up all the knowledge, emotions and activities. One experience can win his heart or lose him as an attendee in a minute.

3. The natural-born speaker

He fills the room with his charisma and his speech stays in your head for days or even weeks. You immediately have the urge to follow him on social networks and stay in touch.

4. The speaker in the making

He is good in his field, but is perhaps speaking in front of a crowd for the first time. Have patience; he will master it. And he will remember you for being among the first listeners.

5. The go-to guy

People who network and socialise together, stay together. Many of you who attend industry events have found people that you liked because they were social butterflies, you had common job tasks, helped each other solve problems and suddenly found yourselves sharing personal interests and slowly becoming friends.

6. The connected pro

Running from session to session, he holds his notebook, phone, tablet, pen and multi-tasks. Uses hashtags, networking games, online polls and loves to fill out feedback forms, especially when they are online.

7. The suit

You may think – ahh, a corporate guy, manager, CFO or CEO. Men want to dress like him; women want their men to dress like him. Apart from the looks, he comes with guns blazing. Has experience and contacts and this event is not his first gig. You have a lot to learn from him. Suit up!

8. The innovator

He is into everything new. Beta products, 3.0, IoT, new devices – he is the test subject of a company’s dreams. He also wants to hear about new things, so the key to win his heart is an interesting event programme. If you want to win his attention, talk startups, disruption, innovation or the best products you have seen lately.

9. The “Yaay, I am out of the office” guy

Maybe he was not supposed to come and he was a stand-in. Maybe he was sent there as a “reward”. A lot of these people are hard to get to, but with the right attitude, an interesting programme, great people around and interesting networking activities, they end up being the “Yaay, I attended this event” guy.

10. And last but not least… The organisers.

The ones that want to keep you satisfied at any cost. Whether it is a broken heel, a projector not working, not enough cakes and coffee or a problem with your room, they run to the rescue.