4th Edition Healthcare IT India summit: Better information means safer healthcare

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Technology has long been a valued resource in healthcare, but adoption has been slower than in other industries. 4th Edition Healthcare IT India summit, taking place in Bangalore on 17th – 18 th May, will focus on applying futuristic technologies and creating patient-centric systems that can significantly improve the overall state of healthcare.

With a population of over 1.2 billion people, India's healthcare system struggles with an immense amount of of reports, prescriptions and scans processed and printed every minute. The process of proper patient diagnostics and treatment thus becomes unnecessarily long and complicated.

In order to improve care, companies should leverage information technology to c reate patient-centric healthcare systems that can improve response times, reduce human error, save costs, and impact the quality of life. 1

The question is, how to put these practices – already functional in many western countries – into practical life and convince the decision makers to stop being resistant to technology?

After all, according to Accenture, 73 % of health executives surveyed say they are seeing a positive ROI from their investment in personalization technologies.

Uncover the potential of smart tech solutions in India's healthcare sector with the help of our honorary guests representing the state of Karnataka – Shri. U.T. Khader Hon‘Ble Minister For Health & Family Welfare, and Dr. Sharan Prakash R. Patil Hon‘Ble Minister For Medical Education & Chairman of Hyderabad-Karnataka Region Development Board (Hkrdb ).

Furthermore, hear from numerous healthcare facilities' C-Level executives to listen and engage in discussions on paperless technologies, digitization of hospitals, telemedicine, mHealth or creating the generation of smart patients.

Summit has been supported by our partners and visiting exhibitors: CSC, Kodak Alaris, Wenzins, Zoctr, ChARM or Greentime healthcare.

For more information about the event or to be involved as exhibitor, sponsor or delegate, visit https://fleming.events/en/events/life-science/heal... or email sobia.jameel@fleming.events


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1 McKinsey and company: India Healthcare: Inspiring possibilities, challenging journey

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4th Edition Healthcare IT India Summit

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