5 European Banks from The Banker’s TOP 1000 list of World Banks and their take on Stress Testing

Written by: Fleming. Team

We have speakers from all 5. Do you want to know what their sessions are going to be about?

Let's see what their statements were after the EBA stress test came out:

HSBC – rank 9

“The results demonstrate HSBC’s continuing capital strength. HSBC also performs its own internal stress testing, which forms a key component of HSBC’s approach to risk and capital management.”

Credit Suisse – rank 26

Analysts at Credit Suisse said that, unusually, the stress tests did not have a pass or fail hurdle. “The idea, we argue, is to avoid negative market reactions if a number of banks were to ‘fail’.”

BBVA – rank 28

“BBVA has demonstrated its solid resilience in the European Banking Authority’s (EBA) stress tests of European banks. “The exercise improves market discipline by publishing consistent and detailed information about each institution that shows how balance sheets would be affected in an adverse scenario,” says BBVA Chief Risk Officer Rafael Salinas.

Unicredit – rank 31

“UniCredit will work with SSM to understand the extent to which credible management actions may offset some of the impact of an adverse scenario; to assess the impact of the results on UniCredit’s forward-looking capital plans and its capacity to meet applicable own funds requirements; and to determine whether any additional measures or changes to the UniCredit capital plan are needed.”

Danske Bank – rank 62


“The purpose of the stress test was to assess the health of the European banking sector and the ability of the individual banks to absorb losses in various economic scenarios. According to the test, Danske Bank complies with the capital requirements with a solid margin.”


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