A New Chairman at the ISO IDMP Implementation online conference

Written by: Fleming. Team

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ISO IDMP Implementation

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A chairman, as the highest authority at an event, brings his opening speech and introduces each speaker. During the whole event he opens the Q&A sessions after speakers' presentations and gives a little feedback or poses questions at the end. Perhaps the biggest input is the chairman's final remarks, which have the power to sum things up, underline what was important and emphasize what things the attendees will walk away with.

Timm is Head of Regulatory Operations at Pharmalex Germany, where is responsible for all electronic submission activities, regulatory information management and related topics. He has already spoken at three of our online conferences:

  • eCTD Submission Updates, Oct. 15, 2014
  • eSubmission Updates 2015, Jun 17, 2015
  • Generics: EU Regulatory Landscape, Oct 20, 2015

So we asked Timm, what his experiences have been with our events:

What would you highlight as interesting features included in these online conferences?

Fleming. online conferences offer simple yet high-quality access to hot topics within the domain of Regulatory Affairs and allow easy exchange with key experts. The conferences are well-prepared and professionally executed.

According to your experience, what kind of practical information can attendees usually take from them?

Those conferences I participated in the past focused on current developments as well as new and changed requirements in the context of Regulatory Affairs or Regulatory Operations. In most cases there is a good mixture of sharing theoretical background and practical experiences.

Do you consider your interaction with our delegates and speakers as a useful for you as well?

Even during the preparation, normally there are already good discussions with other speakers and contributors. And also during the event itself I am always excited about the good questions and feedback from participants, which make the events interesting and interactive sessions.