A Smart City can only be built by Smart and satisfied Citizens

Written by: Fleming. Team

Donations of clothes, stationery, books and supplies of food supplies were collected at Fleming. office. It will be distributed to kids from kindergarten to secondary school age. Also, it will help adults with disabilities.

Kevin Chan, manager at Eco Club Malaysia, believes that the #givealittle charity campaign has to be amplified to create awareness and bring corporate partnerships to life to achieve a vital fund-raising goal.

He says: “Our children: our society deserve a better life and your help gives hope.”

The Fleming team will be joining to help the orphaned children and elderly people with the educational Green Science Program organized by KAGC on Saturday, the 30th of July.

Silvester Pullman, a Managing Director at Fleming said: “A developing city will turn into a successfully developed Smart City when its citizens upgrade themselves. A Smart City is not about technology and has never been. It is about people and now the focus should be on kids. We have to raise a Smart generation. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

Fleming cares- so should you.

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