An interview with Alejandro E. Carriles

Written by: Fleming. Team

1) What are the current challenges facing Retail Banking in the current financial climate?

In previous years, a strong network of branches meant convenience for customers and retail banks centered efforts around this and products and services. Today, while banks still compete with other banks, they increasingly compete with digital service providers, which offer similar services without the operating costs of traditional banks. Digital providers sometimes deliver a better user experience and faster time to market and face fewer regulatory challenges, all of which makes them a more serious competitor to existing banks. Customers are starting to realize they can fulfill their financial needs in a new way, and banks are having to shift their processes to compete.

2) What are the drivers for future growth of retail banking?

Delivering solutions that are optimized to the customer and their needs is critical to acquiring and keeping customers. User experience is an important part of this. Convenience continues to be critical, but being physically convenient is no longer paramount while empowering customers to bank whenever, wherever and however they want is., and digital channels play a key role in this process.

3) What is the role of transformation in transitioning to a customer-centric organization?

To become customer-centric, banks must be nimble and agile so they can deliver the solutions their customers want, in the time they want it. Data, analytic s, user experience and end-to-end process revision is critical to those efforts, so that offerings and experiences can be tailored to clients’ preferences, made available faster, and delivered in a more convenient way.

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