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An interview with Andrew Rippon, Sr. Consultant at Nexgen Advisory Group

Written by: Fleming. Team


Andrew Rippon
Nexgen Advisory Group
Sr. Consultant

1) What according the key issues of the region, what is your take on it?

True digitization is the biggest challenge in advancing smart parking in the region. In other words, too many processes still rely on paper and the potential for human delay or error. Luckily though, this region is well placed to leapfrog others as it introduces Smart City, such as is happening in Dubai. For instance, the high penetration of smartphones and government roadmap to paperless processes can drive smarter parking solutions.

2) Role of technology in parking management and key issues in adopting that technology?

Technology can enhance and optimise the use of physical space, such as in parking. To do so, key enablers need to be in place, in essence, digital infrastructure to complement the physical. Critical to these is identity and trustful exchange, which is why Dubai is focusing on blockchain as infrastructure for these elements. Added to this the ability of Artificial Intelligence to help provide dynamic parking infrastructure.

3) What is future of parking, any key trends that you would like to highlight?

For us, the most significant element that will influence parking, beyond the digital infrastructure mentioned, is going to be the external forces pulling to reduce demand for parking. These will include autonomous vehicles, hyperloop technology and hybrid vehicles, such as the flying car concept recently displayed by Airbus.

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