An interview with Captain Waheed Khalfan Al Subhi, Sr. Manager Safety & ERP at Oman Air

Written by: Fleming. Team

1) How can organizations maintain a higher value on disaster preparedness, especially when budgets are tight?

Under the conditions when there are budget constraints in the region, organisation should concentrate on:

- Improving the SOPs and emergency procedures to best utilize the available resources

- Pooling the logistics, inventory and other resources with nearby industry.

- Enhancing in-house training and exercising activities towards better preparedness

2) What role can local-level decision makers play in mitigating the impact of disasters?

Decision makers play the pivotal role in mitigating the impact of disasters. They are required to be in close loop not only during disasters response but right from the planning stage. Without full hearted involvement in risk assessment and provisioning of required resources an effective disaster management is merely a day dream. Responsible organisations and executives understand the sensitivity and are always available to support the team below.

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