An Interview with Eng. Rehan Ahmed (Head of Waste Disposal - Supreme Council for Environment, Kingdom of Bahrain)

Written by: Fleming. Team

Eng. Rehan Ahmed
Head of Waste Disposal
Supreme Council for Environment, Kingdom of Bahrain

1. How big is the issue of municipal waste in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in comparison with the rest of the region?

Municipal waste management is a major challenge as around 4,000 tons/ day of municipal waste is being generated due to rapid development, construction, commercialization and population increase. The aspect which make it more urgent is the land required for waste disposal, as currently all municipal waste generated is disposed in a landfill area.

2. Can you tell us something about the specific waste management practices in the Kingdom of Bahrain?

Waste generated is collected in communal bins from where it is collected and transported to the landfill site. More efficient, feasible, environmental friendly and non-polluting technology/ process is required to treat the waste.

3. Is it possible to achieve Zero Waste society and what are the needed steps?

Zero waste is a practical step towards having an integrated and sustainable waste management system whereby waste is optimally reused, recycled and treated in a manner conducive to the environment. It starts from awareness and education, participation of all stake holders and community in dealing with waste generation, storage, transportation, disposal and treatment to avoid any adverse impacts on public health and the environmental resources.

4. How to change people's thinking and make them more responsible and considerate about waste - and to realize - it should be treated as a ‘resource’?

A major step in waste management is people’s participation in the system. People should consider waste not as a liability but as a resource which should be harnessed and utilized rather than disposed. Awareness raising needs to be initiated at all community levels through education in schools, involvement of NGOs and community organizations supported by the municipal authorities.

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