An interview with Jaime Soto Muñoz

Written by: Fleming. Team

Fleming.: How does technology drive and mould the mining industry in Chile today?
Jamie Soto:“The impact that technologies have and will have on current mining operations and the design of future mining is vital to Chile because Chile's economy depends heavily on mining. In the past, the mining industry was an industry of physical effort, then transformed into a machine industry. But today is an industry of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Chile needs a big, strong, innovative and visionary information technologies and telecommunications, which now also cover areas such as mining automation and robotics.”

Fleming.: What are the main IT&CA challenges the mining companies are facing nowadays?
Jamie Soto:Mining has become a great laboratory of technology. Incorporating mining technologies means a cultural change that the industry has faced. Mining went from being an activity where physical labor was essential to be an activity where we use devices and manage remote. And for that we need the application, the smartest way possible, of available technologies.
In this sense, it is very important that mining -especially in Chile where the productive base depends on it- adopts and accepts that ICT are ideal to improve productivity and competitiveness.
This allows to facilitators and improvers improving interactions between employees, suppliers and executives, thus incorporating innovation into their processes, streamlining and increasing responsiveness to customers and the market, becoming more efficient companies and consolidating our country as one internationally competitive.
They also must develop virtual tools to support the modeling, simulation, planning and design process; which they are added to those of analysis to validate mineral samples and measure features without much supervision.
The challenges also point to new control technologies, automation and robotics thanks to smart metering systems, prediction and application allow to create a new era in the mining ecosystem, where efficiency and productivity are the order of the day, reducing costs and improving profits, thus contributing to that we can have a much more internationally competitive mining industry and a stronger production base.

Fleming.:What new solutions /technologies will the industry embrace in the foreseeable future?
Jamie Soto: We enthusiastically see trends such as cloud, which is a great contribution in terms of collaboration, telepresence or videoconferencing; Mobility; Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things, which are developing more strongly in the mining market, which we expect to continue to grow, boosting productivity, responsiveness and reduced operating costs for companies.

Fleming.:Where do you see the main benefits of investing in IT & Communications?
Jamie Soto: It is important to understand the focus of technology in the operation and design of mining that facilitates automation, teleworking and management of continuous processes, from extraction to logistics.
The current infrastructure is transformed into "smart" and we have, for example, a bridge to self-diagnose faults; smart work centers or social networks as drivers of new economies develop. Information technologies are part of the technological revolutions that define the modern world that is based on communications infrastructure, with growing influence in all activities and in all areas.
The important thing is to have the right data at the right time, delivered to the right people.

Meet Jaime Soto Muñoz at the LatAm IT, Communication and Automation in Mining Conference on 25-26 May 2016 in Santiago.

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