An interview with John Davison Managing Director at F-24 UK Limited

Written by: Fleming. Team

1) What do you think will the next big change in the BCM within the span of next 5 years?

Business Continuity is changing drastically with organisations typically now accepting that business disruptive events are a potential regular occurrence and therefore focus will shift to operational resilience rather than just continuity planning. On a technology front the IoT will also change how organisations can capture information that will greatly assist with BIA’s and BC plans, data that may have previously been non accessible will be in the future much more prevalent.

2) Can you describe some guidelines for setting policies and procedures to ensure business continuity?

Always obtain and seek executive sponsorship of any BC program, this will ensure that the creation and acceptance of the program will be well received within the organisation.

3) What available technologies can organizations leverage to enforce business continuity?

GIS within Smartphones can enhance the ability locate and monitor persons as well as social media to effectively manage incident through social media listening and utilising technology that will assist in collaborating communications via differing channels to ensure auditable reports can be obtained.


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