An interview with Mario Azevedo

Written by: Fleming. Team

Fleming.: Can you tell us more about the recent TICA initiatives at Vale?
Mario Azevedo:
All the TICA initiatives in Vale IT somehow touch the three strategic pillars: Mobility, Information/Analytics and Industrial IT.

Fleming.: What are your current biggest IT challenges?
Mario Azevedo:
Once we have already delivered all the IT Foundation capabilities such as robust networks and platforms, collaboration tools, ERP and MES systems, more value and opportunities will come through challenging how technology can extract further productivity in the Operations. Cloud adoption strategy is also a continuous effort so to ensure cost optimization, elasticity and time2market.

Fleming.: Can you give us your prediction on the mining industry in Latin America? What technological trends do you foresee in the future?
Mario Azevedo:
Mining industry in LATAM is not different from the other places. That is a global market and somehow all the big companies worldwide are working hard to increase their efficiency and productivity by adopting a massive automation strategy. The market based on volume does not exist anymore. The name of the game now is to produce more with less, I think the convergence between IT, and OT spaces are a key step to expedite this strategy and make it cost effective.
All the technologies in place to enable smart company concept have also to address and mitigate all the health & safety concerns so to ensure sustainability of the mining industry as well.
Technology and zero harm have to go together! Actually, one should help to enable the other.

Fleming.: Can you give us an overview of your mobility strategy you'll be presenting at the upcoming conference?
Mario Azevedo:
Vale mobile vision is to simplify processes and make information available anytime and anywhere. Mobile solutions need to be smart, simple and adaptive so to empower the heterogeneous Vale´s communities on increasing business efficiency and productivity.
The core components of Vale´s mobility strategy is comprised of EMM platform, devices & sensors, network infrastructure, flexible development model and finally processes on supporting the whole strategy.

Meet Mario Azevedo at the LatAm IT, Communication and Automation in Mining Conference and hear his presentation on “Enabling Productivity & Simplicity through a Comprehensive Mobility Strategy”.

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