An interview with Mr. Abubakar Arshad, Cyber Security Advisor (Speaker at the Kingdom Cyber Security - Riyadh on April 18-19, 2017)

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Abubakar Arshad
Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) Bahrain
Cyber Security Advisor, Bahrain

The world is becoming so digitally sophisticated that it scares me a bit. Can we even keep an eye on the devices around us or they keep an “eye” on us instead? Or is there even somebody else watching? Cyber space is a whole new universe where everything travels extremely fast. Yes, it is efficient and handy. And its importance will grow exponentially in the near future. Yet, this universe is still young and vulnerable. We are all connected, everything we have is online and instantly reachable. Can we protect ourselves? Growing complexity of cyber threats invokes the need for sharper “brains” to battle them.

1) Mr. Abubakar Arshad, a Cyber Security Advisor from the Telecom Regulatory Authority in Bahrain, believes that it would be the Artificial Intelligence that will play a significant role in Cyber Security

The future of digitization will be driven by CAMBBRIC (cloud, artificial intelligence, mobility, big data, block-chain, robotics, internet of things and cyber security). Artificial intelligence is one of the most crucial technological developments of our times. It is changing every aspect of technologies around us.

With respect to Cyber Security, today criminals are using Artificial intelligence to hack into the most sophisticated systems. This trend is set to continue exponentially. Therefore we as the cyber security professionals need to be aware of the threat and also adopt AI technologies to protect against Cyber Security threats from organized cyber criminals and nation states.”

2) What is the future of Artificial Intelligence?

"I have no doubt that Artificial intelligence in Cyber Security will change the threat landscape as well as change the way we deal with Cyber Threats. The adoption of Artificial intelligence will not only make the organizations, Governments and cyber space in general more secure, it will also help respond to incidents much faster."

3) Being more Geo-specific, where are we heading in Saudi region? What are the next threats and what precautions should we take?

In a world that will be driven by block-chain, cloud, robotics and internet of things, our ability to collaborate and adapt will define how well we can protect our cyber space. As we move to an era of Codewars, organizations and governments need to be vigilant and adaptive. Tools such as cognitive thinking and artificial intelligence will help us to enhance our Cyber Security capabilities greatly.

In the next few years we will see greater damage happening from cyber attacks. It will include financial losses as well as physical damage as critical infrastructure will continue to be targeted. With the rise of Internet of things, our dependence on digital world will increase significantly and hence the impact of cyber attacks will increase proportionally."

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