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An interview with Omar Al Barghouthi, Security Services Leader at IBM

Written by: Fleming. Team

Omar Al Barghouthi
Security Services Leader

1) What according the key issues of the region, what is your take on it?

With the current massive digital disruption taking place in the region over the last 5 years, organizations' data, control, and information assets are being ported outside their perimeter security infrastructure. Hence, the focus on point solutions defence strategies is no longer viable and as effective as it should be. Leaders should follow comprehensive strategies tackling people, processes and technologies to safeguard their information assets.

2) Role of technology in parking management and key issues in adopting that technology?

Technology is an important enabler for all connected infrastructure. What is more important is the approach towards technology adoption. Today, we live in a world of amazing and great technology solutions that can almost address any organizations needs, however; it requires early planning through an orchestrated enterprise strategy that addresses skills & processes in addition to technology features.

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