An Interview with Osama M. Hijji

Written by: Fleming. Team


1. In your opinion, how can mobile and internet banking help in achieving a competitive edge?

- Certainly, mobile and internet are the future of banking services delivery as they both reduce the cost of operating banking business and increase its flexibility and revenue. As matter of fact banking services delivery trend is increasing on all electronic channels (phone banking, mobile banking/wallet, internet banking and ATMs) while it is decreasing on physical channels (branches and regular customer service) and with the shift to electronic delivery the risks associated with it comes included and on the top of it InfoSec risks.

2. How do you see North African banking 5 years from now?

- North African banks will have to follow the world trend and shift toward a model where service delivery is increasingly relying on electronic channels which means necessarily they will have to invest much more in electronic security in general and in particular on InfoSec and Fraud Management systems.

3. In your opinion, how can big data analytics transform the banking industry?

- Banking industry is in deep need of better information allowing it to identify its targeted customers as well as customizing their experience, big data will significantly help in this context.

4. What do you think is the impact of contactless technology on a bank?

- Just as electronic channels are the future of banking services delivery … contactless technology as well is the future of both money and banking identity in general cards & wallets included.

5. How do you think this conference will benefit the participants?

- By showing the road ahead for both bankers and InfoSec managers to enable them to work hand in hand on creating and delivering profitable, modern and secure services that responds properly to the regional markets need.

Osama M. Hijji will be presenting a case study on Cyber Threats & North African Banks at North Africa Future Banking 2016. To know more, visit the link below:

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