An interview with Qais Al Aamri,Business Continuity Technical Leader at Information Technology Authority

Written by: Fleming. Team

1) What do you think will the next big change in the BCM within the span of next 5 years?

The BCM will play an important role for keeping the business work in the market and being more competitive in the business

2) Can you describe some guidelines for setting policies and procedures to ensure business continuity?,

ISO 22301 is the ideal solution however that some other organizations and countries having their own BCM but it is still under ISO 22301

3) What available technologies can organizations leverage to enforce business continuity?

The technology that have less recovery time objective and Recovery point objective = 0

4) How can organizations maintain a higher value on disaster preparedness, especially when budgets are tight?

They need to think about MOR minimum operation requirement and try to use their services through social media and keep running the testing to make sure that they are ready for any event or incident. We need to think about working from home strategy and how we can implemented during the crisis without effecting any impacts and any risk can be faced dutring work from theb staff home

5) What role can local-level decision makers play in mitigating the impact of disasters?

They have to give the BCMS team more attention and give them some authority and permission in order to make sure that the business is returned as usual.

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