An interview with Thameur Zghal (Risk Manager - Actuaries, AXA Gulf)

Written by: Fleming. Team

Thameur Zghal
AXA Gulf
Risk Manager – Actuaries

1) Which innovations in the insurance sector do see becoming major industry disruptors?

Peer-to-Peer and collaborative insurance will certainly be disruptors of the classical insurance business models. Big data and Artificial Intelligence techniques will also trigger tailor-made insurance products on the retail segment.

2) What are the key drivers for innovation in the insurance industry today?

The information age where the economy is more and more based on information computerization, along with the sharing and decentralized economy that is slowly materializing, is certainly pushing insurance companies to innovate and re-think their product offering and move from a payer to a service provider.

3) What latest insurance products do you see becoming popular in GCC in the near future?

Cyber insurance is and will continue to be a growing need in this digitalized world. Value-for-money and tailor-made retail products will become more and more popular in the GCC

4) How do you think this conference will benefit the attendees?

The conference will give the participants an outlook of the future of the Insurance market, update them with the latest development of a rapidly changing landscape and engage them in the innovation path.


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