Around the World in 121 Days - a Journey Through Global Safety Cultures

Join Andrew on a journey through more than 100 countries and experience different cultures and traditions. Let's discover what he learned from his travels on how these differences can improve our workplace safety.


Meet Prof. Andrew Sharman in person this February in Munich (Germany) and gain insight into his innovative, practical approach highlighting the essential leadership, culture and behavioral aspects of workplace safety to systematically move organisations From Accidents to Zero.

  • Prof. Andrew Sharman
  • CEO, President
  • RMS, IOSH, Switzerland

Andrew is the Chief Executive Officer of RMS, a global consultancy specializing in organizational safety culture and leadership. With a safety career spanning two decades he has guided global leaders in their commitment to zero accidents and towards safety excellence across a range of industry sectors including power generation and supply, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, heavy engineering, and manufacturing... Learn more