Behind the scenes of HSE Excellence

Written by: Fleming. Team

Fasten your seatbelts. Don't text and drive. Wear a helmet on site - for many of us these are just a few of the restrictions or suggestions we try to keep in mind, but behind all of this, is a whole science. A group of people who are trying their best to make our everyday lives safer, healthier and prove to us that prevention makes a difference. By bringing these people under one roof on an annual basis, and having them share their knowledge and experience, Bea Kyblova has surely gained deep insight into what safety culture represents and who is driving it.

She's successfully organised several international conferences for C-level health & safety professionals. Starting the HSE Excellence project from the bottom up, she has literally made the HSE Excellence Series the brand it is today.

You started working in the B2B field 4 years ago as a producer of oil &gas conferences. What turned you on to HSE? Was there something about it that you couldn't resist?

The first spark of interest occurred back when I was tasked solely to work on Oil & Gas conferences. Being the industry with the highest risk factor, safety was clearly a huge issue. After several months I started to see that OHS people were very different, ambitious yet humanistic and ready to go the extra mile in their jobs. That was when I realised that their profession was something that clearly needed more focus.

Was there a memorable presentation or speech that you still like to look back on?

For sure I will never forget Jason Anker and his motivational talk in 2012. A young man who was left paralysed after a 10 foot fall from a ladder. His speech was the first, ever, which brought me to tears, right there at the conference.

One of the most enjoyable debates was also a Q & A session in 2013 with Professor Sidney Dekker from Safety Science Innovation Lab, Cary Cooper a distinguished Professor of Organisational Safety and Health, and chaired by Andrew Sharman.

Coming up this May, HSE Excellence Europe will usher in its 9th Annual. What's the vision for the future?

We would like to get official support from ILO and EU-OSHA, which will help us develop the event further and cover some of the issues on their agenda as well.And, of course, to grow the event not only in numbers, but in quality too. Despite the fact that our delegates claim the events excel, I do believe that we have still a lot to learn and improve in order to achieve true excellence.

The session you look forward to the most this year?

I am really excited about about all of our keynote debates, as they will provide a unique environment to discuss some of the most pressing issues by a wide variety of stakeholders. Also our unique case studies from a diverse set of industrial leaders - Caterpillar, Total, Rolls-Royce, Emeco Group, Novo Nordisk.I really believe that this year we've prepared the perfect mix of topics, speakers, special features and case studies and that all the attendees will leave enriched with new knowledge and perspectives that they will be able to benefit from.