BNY Mellon's MD Interviewed – collateral management outsourcing and tri-party agreements

Written by: Fleming. Team

Mark Higgins

Managing Director, Business Development Director
BNY Mellon Collateral Management & Segregation


1. How much has the position of tri-party agents in the European market changed recently? What do you consider the reason for this change (or lack thereof)?

The use of Triparty agents to control the collateral management process has certainly been on the up over recent years. This is certainly a result of the changes and growth in the secured finance market, where many firms have elected to move away from the use of Cash collateral and take a wider range of non-cash assets. As the collateral range has expanded, many have taken the chance to move on from a bilateral approach to margin management and use Triparty agents to control the collateral selection and allocation.

2. How significantly can the new margin requirements impact tri-party agreements?


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