Bring home into your office

by Fleming. Team

It is very probable that employees will spend more free time at the workplace or just relax there more often in the future. Do not miss the train; keep up with the smart solutions that will keep your employees healthy, relaxed and feeling happy.

One of the best ways to maintain the employee health and work ethic is for them to get the right amount of sleep each night: seven to nine hours. One alternative is to take a nap during the day – 20 to 30 minutes is a sufficient length of time. A growing number of businesses are recognizing the importance of sleep and have started including daytime napping into regular working days. MetroNaps' "EnergyPods" napping chairs have been specifically designed for office use, offering an alternative for how employees can rest during the day and refresh their minds.

As generation Z is coming, companies need to keep up in transforming their workplaces into employee-friendly environments. Considering seating as one part of the office, companies have moved towards offering their employees various seating options instead of just one chair allowing a person to sit for several hours. We are at a time of having a chance to choose. Offer your workers the best and contribute to their daily productivity. The Windowseat chair, by Dutch designer Maaike Evers and American Mike Simonian, is designed to create a refuge in busy offices.

"You need to design office spaces for the next generation" says Haworth's head of research