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1st June, 2017: While thinking of countries with world class outsourcing or ICT markets, Kenya very seldomly makes the cut. Kenyan policy-makers and businesses have for very long sought to develop their country's ICT sector to match if not rival the success story of their competitors

The Kenyan government also invested majorly was towards information and communications technologies (ICT) and it has also put universal access to ICTs as it's main objective in Vision 2030-Kenya’s economic blueprint aimed at propelling Kenya in the coming years as a top ICT market similar to that of India. As a result, Kenya has started by establishing it's position as a leader in innovative tech. For instance, M-PESA mobile transfer service by mobile operator Safaricom, put Kenya on the world map.

Martin Osembo, of Olam International, said “The issues faced by the region range from governance, security, corruption and the economic integration and the challenges faced in regional economic integration are for example, non-tariff barriers, abolition of work permits across the boarders remains an impediment to the free movement of goods and service, labour inclusive.”The Kenyan government has acknowledged that ICTs will increase the country’s productivity and will raise the competitiveness of local businesses in a knowledge-based economy. To realize this, Kenya is trying to draw from the success story that South Africa has achieved in this sector to become a first-class international destination for contact center operations within a matter of years.

To realize this goal, Call Center Transformation Forum in Nairobi, Kenya will bring to the fore concepts and trends that are currently existing in this sector and also lay down strategies so as to correct the current situation. With an entire “Learning Day” dedicated to covering the ideal criteria to introduce digitization in a contact center and to hire, recruit & train the ideal candidate to handle a digitalized contact center, the event aims to provide a foundation for achieving call center excellence in East Africa. In addition to this, the event will also decode the concept of Kenya Vision 2030, How to strike the right balance between technology & HR, Increasing your operational capacities and also how to identify the key differentiators for better customer experience.

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