“Customer experience drives profitability.” - Interview with Daniel Sale from the National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Written by: Fleming. Team

Daniel Sale

Head of Digital Marketing

National Bank of Abu Dhabi, UAE

1. Where does the customer experience in the banking industry stand in comparison with other sectors?

The banking industry rarely leads the field in customer experience - certainly when I'm looking for great examples of innovative experience, I tend to look to the travel and high-end retail sectors, and very rarely look to other banks

2. What HR strategies are required to promote a truly customer-centric culture in the bank?

Valuing customer experience is a mindset as much as a set of tangible outcomes, and needs to become a mantra within the organisation if it is to work. It only takes one negative experience to negate all the previous positive experiences, so the culture needs to permeate every corner and facet of the organisation. It's a top-down directive, but actioned bottom-up. I also believe that the quality of the customers' experience reflects the way an organisation treats its own staff. It has to be a holistic approach.

3. How do you think the banking industry can learn from FinTech startups?

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