Cyborgs – Humans, upgraded! How technology will turn humans into superhumans

Written by: Fleming. Team

But have you heard about the tool that makes this crime impossible? Let me introduce to you an implantable NFC chips – platforms for identity, security, cryptography and payment applications. It is a very small, security-oriented computer implanted in the body – under the skin.

These chips allow our biological and digital identity to unite and give us full control of our digital self. Only we decide who can use our data and how, thanks to cryptography that easily proves its us making transactions.

Some of these implants allow developers to create their own applications and then store them on the chip. Over time, besides apps for smartphones and PCs, there will be more and more space created for ever more applications. In particular, payment options, security applications, locking systems, data storage and even activity tracking capabilities can be enabled.

Your chip can neither be stolen nor hacked and you can't lose it. These are the biggest benefits that come along. One doesn't need cash and a debit or credit card anymore and no one can misuse the private data on the Internet.

To see what such a chip can look like and how it is implanted under the skin, watch the videos here.

You can learn more about the implantable chips at the upcoming 4th Annual Open Innovation - Life Science, Pharma & Biotech (17 – 18 November 2016, Vienna).


Dr. Patrick Kramer, Chief Cyborg Officer at Digiwell – Upgrade your life, has a long history of work experience in leading IT and consulting companies like PWC and IBM, and has been working in the areas of Digital Transformation, Performance Management and the Internet-of-Things. Having been a biohacker for many years, in May 2016 he turned his hobby into a startup and founded the biohacking platform Digiwell – Upgrade your life.

In Patrick’s vision, wearables will more and more be worn under the skin. Wearing an implant himself, he experiments with the next-generation of implants in his body: From the Internet-of-Things to the Internet-of-Us, where we all are connected directly to the Internet through brain implants.

At the 4th Annual Open Innovation - Life Science, Pharma & Biotech, Patrick's presentation will focus on Cyborgs as upgraded humans, a topic that provokes and fascinates many people, and introduce us to the fascinating world of smart implants and bodyhackers.

During his speech, he will perform a live chip implantation on stage! This will be a good chance for all who would like to see this or like to get an implant themselves. Attendees will also have a chance to win one of three implants during the event. View your options on how to join the event.



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