Designing for Workplace Wellbeing

by Fleming. Team

Whether a large or small employer, even a small change in the workspace environment can boost productivity and help talent retention.
The most significant reason today for transforming offices are (aside from previously mentioned) improving quality of life and employee well-being.

Understand the shift in design thinking. From permanently installed sophisticated sensors throughout offices to constantly monitor environmental conditions – critical factors such as LUX (light) spectrum, temperature, humidity, air quality and odours, sound amplitude and direction, CO2 levels – to the way space is being used and even to employee’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Offices can nowadays react automatically to actual user needs – a major health and productivity gain. That is why we decided to react to and bring John Blackwell, Managing Director at Quora, UK, on board.

John will lead a Webinar on Office Transformation & Employee Wellbeing in the Workspace. When? April 4th @ 13:00 CET.

There is an amazing shift in design thinking. Sensors can enable workspaces to continually alter for maximum efficiency, adjusting temperature and lighting levels, and make changes when workers are getting bored or frustrated.

Furthermore, with the wide-spread availability of wearable technologies, biometric sensors can also provide insight into less obvious factors like restlessness, boredom, and stress, as well as poor posture or too much screen time.

This opens the possibilities that sensors would even be able to monitor emotions, and even may monitor heart rate, gaze direction, facial temperature, skin moisture, skin temperature, and brain waves to gauge if the user is focused on intense work, is recharging, or is frustrated.
At SWDS you can learn what can you do in your office, immediately.

Get to know John:

John is a prolific author with more than 110 titles to his name, including;

• A Mandate for Change
• Managing Uncertainty
• The Workplace of the Future
• Challenging Perceived Wisdom
• Smartworking
• Unleashing Creativity, Flexibility, and Speed

These and many more of John’s reports can be downloaded from his online library.
A Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and a visiting fellow at three prestige universities, to-date John and his colleagues at Quora has inspired more than 350 organizations to innovate new work practices. Working together, John and Quora provide answers to problems that stifle change, dismantle barriers, and overcome corporate inertia to create effective new work practices.