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Exclusive pre-event interview - Dr. Rami Suleiman

Written by: Fleming. Team

Dr. Rami Suleiman

Center of research excellence in Corrosion research Institute


Fleming.: In the new era of low oil prices, what are your suggestions for corrosion experts and technology providers to help companies be cost effective?

Dr. Rami Suleiman: My direct suggestion for them is to be relatively dynamic by considering some of the newly-developed and cheap corrosion inhibitors and coatings for the protection of their infrastructures against corrosion and fouling. They need to believe more in change and to give the chance for the new products and technologies to prove themselves in the corrosion protection field.

Fleming.: Can you help highlight the importance of having such a one-of-a-kind corrosion conference in Saudi Arabia? What will be the key take-aways from your presentation?

Dr. Rami Suleiman: The key take-aways from my presentation is: Updating the oil and gas industries with the newly-developed technologies and products in the academic and research corrosion labs. This will strengthen the linkage between the industrial and academic sectors and will help corrosion researchers at universities to shape their researches further in order to maximize the benefits to the targeted industries.

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Middle East Energy

5th Annual Corrosion Management 2016

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