by Fleming. Team

Ehab Mahmoud Hassoubah, GM- Retail Banking Divisions at Bank Albilad, shares his insights on the future of retail banking in the Middle East.

Ehab Mahmoud Hassoubah
General Manager Retail Banking Divisions
Bank Albilad

1) What new technologies do you think, banks would most likely pick up within the next two years?

I believe banks will pick up within the next two years on Customer Relationship Management Systems, Data Warehousing capabilities, and Analytics. As for hardware, I believe we will see more deployment of Self-Service / Self-Assisted Kiosks.

2) What major spend areas do you feel will set the tone for the retail banking industry in 2017?

I believe Retail Banks spending in 2017 will be on Collection / Recovery resources, developing “Savings and Protection” type products, and Digitization.

3) What are the top three growth drivers in the MENA retail banking sector today?

I believe the top three growth drivers in Retail Banking sector are: Real Estate, Wealth Management, and Payroll Services.

4) What disruptive technologies do you feel banks need to look out for in 2017?

I believe that in 2017 banks need to look out for fintech companies.

5) How do you see the industry evolving in the next five years?

I see banks in the region coming closer with Telecom, fintech, and government entities. I also believe that banks will play a major role in enhancing the “savings” attitude amongst consumers, raising the bar on Customer experience and centricity, increasing dependency on transacting Online and through Kiosks in bank and non-bank premises (public areas), and increasing dependency on analytics and use of customer data.