Exclusive Pre-Event Interview - Manish Misra

Written by: Fleming. Team

Fleming. : How do you think the HR industry is benefiting from Digitization?
Manish Misra : Yes, Digitization is helping HR departments to scale up rapidly and engage better. Also HR departments are forced to move away from being transactional service provider to integrated solutions provider.

Fleming. : The need of career development strategies for the millennial workforce – your opinion.
Manish Misra : The career development strategies will have to be built around networked and hierarchy based organizations, which will replace the current Hierarchical structures.

Fleming. : Do you think there is a growing need for non-conventional HR strategies and reward practices? If so, Why?
Manish Misra : Yes, There is a need for non-conventional HR strategies.
Newer business models are fast emerging due to radical changes in technology and emergence of new workforce and workforce demographics.

  • Cognitive Computing, Smart Applications, Internet of Things.
  • The integration of Social, Mobile, Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Cloud into one platform.
  • Multicultural, Multinational, Multilocational, Mobile and Contingent workforce.
  • The entry of the “Millennials” is also transforming the workforce and workplace.

Engaging the new workforce & managing the new challenges effectively requires the HR to move away from one size fits all to a customized approach to every business issue.

Fleming. : According to you, what would be one's key takeaways from this conference
Manish Misra : Key Take Away: Prepare for the Future Today through Innovation, Collaboration & Engagement.

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