Exclusive Pre-Event Interview Mohammed Bushehri

Written by: Fleming. Team

Mohammed Bushehri

Head of Human Resources & Administration

Gulf Monetary Council

Fleming. : In your opinion, how can the gap between education and technical job skills be bridged?

Mohammed Bushehri : The gap can be bridged by making education more relevant to our industries and update its curriculum on on-going and continuous basis to reflect the after graduation reality. There is more to education that just memorizing facts and figures that become obsolete once you join the real workforce. Concentration such be on building creativity, leadership and innovation at an early stage in our education system. Academic skills are good but heavy concentration on technical skills and professional skills is a must and must start as early as possible.

Fleming. : What do you think is the key to identify and develop the next generation of leaders from the current talent pool?

Mohammed Bushehri : The next generation must have the right competencies required to stand out in an ever-increasing pool of talent. Being proactive , showing evidence of continuous professional development and willing to take more complex tasks and projects will immediately get a person noticed and put on the right track.

Fleming. : In your view, what are the main challenges being faced by the HR sector in Saudi Arabia?

Mohammed Bushehri : Lack of clear talent management strategies that translate into a healthy succession plans and a strong leadership development plan. This is the main reason there is such a big retention issue.

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