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Exclusive pre-event interview - Rehan Ahmed

Written by: Fleming. Team

Rehan Ahmed

Head- MCI


Fleming.: In the new era of low oil prices, what are the steps taken by your department to be cost friendly and corrosion resilient?

Rehan Ahmed: Optimise costs, adopt new technologies to enhance production, implement best practices etc. dont compromise on RBI schedule, use optimal techniques to prevent loss due to corrosion

Fleming.: What are the big misunderstandings in implementing corrosion management that lead to severe consequences?

Rehan Ahmed: Minimalist approach or do nothing or differ critical maintenance

Fleming.: Can you help highlight the importance of having such a one-of-a-kind corrosion conference in Saudi Arabia? What will be the key take-aways from your presentation?

Rehan Ahmed: SA biggest producer, always looking at incremental improvement through technologies and best practices to enhance production, extend facility life and reduce life cycle costing. Even a 1% miprovement over current levels translates into 10 million barrels *50usd= 500 million usd savings with minimal effort.

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5th Annual Corrosion Management 2016

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